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Hey Students. Look @ Me.  The login for students this year in Skyward is changing slightly.  Please test your login over the next few days in preparation for the release of UCHS schedules. This login will also be used for your district assigned email.  
Login Format. Grad year (last 2 numbers) followed by  LAST name followed by a period and followed by the your FIRST name,   (Note. If you have punctuation in your name such as ' or - they are ignored.   Example   williams-thomas would be williamsthomas
Password will have the same format of 63Uc and last 5 numbers of your lunch number. The password change this year has a capital U  . Students can not change passwords.
Example Timothy Tebow graduating in 2006 would be 06TEBOW.TIMOTHY  for his user name.
Grade vs Grad year   12th = 16   11th = 17  10th = 18  9th = 19  8th = 20   7th = 21  6th = 22  5th = 23
If you still have issues logging in, please complete this form.  Link
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